Sunday, January 15, 2012

Young Love

A little bit of young love to start this blog out! So here is the story of a girl, me and a boy, named Dave. We were together in second grade. I always made eyes at him, and he made eyes at me. The teacher was so kind, that she let the children choose their own seats. I just had to get the seat next to Dave!  Everyday, during reading hour, we would pair up and read together. One day, we started to play footsie under the tiny desks. I would giggle and smile all the time in class, so much so that the teacher had to quite us every now and then. The second grade year passed for us, and the love only grew separately. We rarely talked outside of the classroom, even at recess we would just stick to our own group of friends. The next year came for me, and I could not hold my feelings back. Yet the next year, Dave was not in my class. Yet little I still wanted him, I just could not keep him out of my thoughts. Even at this young age, I knew what love was. And soon I would know what heartbreak was. I decided to poor her heart out in a letter, and have my friend give it to him the next day. I wrote the letter in cursive, what I had been learning in school, and in colored pencil. I made it perfect: each line was a different color, and I even signed it with my full name. I folded it up, and handed it to my BFF. All day I waited patiently for any result. And at lunch time it finally came. I went up to my normal lunch table, and then the news came: "SUSIE! THE WHOLE CLASS KNOWS!" All of my friends came to me and told me the tale. Apparently my friend Sara could not give the note to Dave. The Teacher got in the way. The meaniest teacher ever got in the way: Ms. Oylding.  She read my love letter to the class. MY letter. That was only meant for one person! And the boy was so embarrassed that he never talked to me again. This is the lesson little me learned: boys suck. But it ened up being the best: I now know that Dave, IS the biggest loser to ever live(:
                                                                     Susie Jean Everdall(:

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