Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Lucky Charms

Well hello again! Today I would like to discuss the hardships of liking a guy you don't know. I can sum it up in two words: It's hard. Hard. Hard. Hard. Hard. Hard. How are you ever supposed to talk to someone you have never met before and have no idea what they are like. First of all what if they're a total freak with weird intrests like stalking people and making shrines to them in their closets. But what if their not. Which brings me to my . . . Second of all, what if they are just the right person. Doubt it  . . . but what if?! Gah. What are you supposed to do? What, I say, what? However I read in Allure today that by believing in luck helps you become more lucky. It's been tested to work! So I think I'm gonna have a lucky bookmark now! Maybe that will help get the nerve to go up and talk to people I don't know. Hmm. Let's hope I don't crash and fail! Wish me lucke! PS Any tips for me and my situation? And what do you think about lucky bookmarks? Tell us in the comments. -Rose


  1. First, I think that even though you don't know each other, you should till try to be friends because hey, it never hurts to have an extra friend out there. And if he's a weirdo that keeps shrines in the closet or other odd habitual habits then maybe it wasn't meant to be. Chances are you can easy drift from being friends to acquaintances. You never know what your missing if you don't take risks!

  2. I say you can still like a weirdo... all you have to do is learn to appreciate their weirdness :)
    ~Vara Ignatia

  3. How should I approach him though? And vara I love your name:) -Rose

    1. Find out what his interests are and find out if you have something in common with him that you guys can talk about... I think thats the best way, but you're going to have to do some serious stalking ;)
      ~V. I.

    2. Yeah, what Vara said! Haha, I think you should start with a simple hi! everyday, even if you seem like a weirdo-Susie

    3. But I don't want to seem like a complete dorky,desperate creep. mmmm if only he weren't such a loner and did afterschool clubs...-Rose