Sunday, January 29, 2012

That Feeling

Oh my, the first feeling. That little shimmer at the bottom of your heart, that tells you: Oh! There might be something here. Oh course, I have not felt actual love (except for family and friends) but man that feeling is like beyond strong. It is all encompassing, it takes complete control of your mind. Well, this girl has got that feeling. The boys are not too impressive, but they are interesting. And interesting is all I need, haha. The reason I 'fall in love' is because I have a good imagination! With every little smile that boy throws my way, a new story pops into my mind. Then the feeling comes again and I am happy. Now, me, I get this feeling for like several guys. If they have a cute face, nice personality, smooth voice or even a history(; I will make up the perfect fantasy. All because of that fluttery feeling of love. Oh how I adore that feeling! I am the girl who is in love with love.
~Susie Sue


  1. I know right?! I've never been in love or anything either, but whenever some guy I like says something funny or smiles at me or does even the smallest things i make up some big story about how much he loves me because its just fun! Hahaha
    ~Rue <3

    1. Yes! I am not alone! I know it's all in my mind, but it is fun!` Susie