Friday, January 20, 2012

A Ball

Okay so this is technically not about boys. It sort of is, though. I just want to lament my burning need to dress up! Have you ever googled dresses, and not wanted to dress up? Bah. I can't wait till someone has a fancy party. Not like homecoming. I want to dress up for prom. Or some ball thing. If only people had casual parties like that everyday, just like they did in the past. This is where the boys come in. Why can't boys dance normal? Why do we have to do grind and mush? Guys should learn how to waltz. It should be a class at the high school or something!!! If I get all dressed up I don't want to ruin my pretty dress with a guy's sweat. I would rather be swirled around the dance floor in magical circles. Is everything I imagine a little to much to ask? Maybe I'm to caught up in the past. With the mac everything has died out. M: Men who can dance A: Asking Girls Out C: Chivalry. There you go an acronym for you people I love. Also would anybody be interested in a fantasy story line? Like I would blog out little fantastical love stories with different characters? Hmmm. Alright. Ima go now. -Rose


  1. hey i have a Mac computer :) < off topic
    anyway, i get what you mean, i always thought that masquerade balls and such sounded so elegant and romantic... And not grinding. Grinding just reflects our over-sexualized society :P
    ~Vara Ignatia

  2. Right! Gosh and even if their were some elegant, fantastical event like a ball we could plan or attend, modern day guys wouldn't know how to dance. They'd just stand there like an idiot. *sigh*

  3. That is... if the guys even showed up.


  4. True, guys would just so not be into that anymore, and if they were they might be gay. It is not considered many or attractive to them anymore. But remember square dancing in P.E.? (Our sschool would require learning square dancing in P.E.) They sorta had some ball-room-esque things. It is sadly a lost dance in our generation~Susie

  5. I know! I wish balls never died out. Curse the first man to create a strip club. Bah. Why isn't the world romantic anymore. Everything is about sex today. Our art, our dancing, our songs, our books. Even marriage. Divorce used to be shameful... Ahh. I just wished people considered love a little more. Like Franz Ferdidnand says: "Do you ever wonder how a boy feels? Oh you dirty boys will never get how the girl feels." We just don't think about how other people feel.... I bet Europe has balls. No wonder the Europeans think Americans have no self esteem or or image. -Rose