Friday, January 20, 2012

The Best Guys...

I'm sure all of you have noticed that sometimes the awesomest, funniest, cutest, and all-around BEST guys... are the gay ones. Why is that? A lot of people say "Gay guys have to get something!" but it increasingly seems as if they get... well, everything. But what causes girls to fall for gay guys? Even when we know they're gay? But at the same time... does their gayness make it easier for us to connect with/understand them? Does their greater sensitivity cause us to view them as the ideal guy?Anyone who has ever liked a gay guy knows the feelings involved: extreme frustration that no matter what you do they will never be interested in you... but still having some belief that if you tried hard enough you could change them... then at the same time liking their gayness... but yet still wishing their gayness liked you. I met this guy once... an AMAZING guy... one I would totally date. But he was gay. And I was so upset. But then I thought... would I have fallen for him if he was not gay? If he was not gay, he would've been completely different, and I liked him just the way he was. So... what to do? Just things for us girls to consider...
~Vara Ignatia~


  1. I feel the exact same way. Gay guys are just so... easy to like. And usually when you meet them you kind of tell their gay, but you just hope their not. And then BAM they completely confirm their gayness. And then your even more attracted to him. What is a girl to do? Ah...but sometimes I think maybe I don't want a gay guy or a metrosexual. Maybe I want a strong masculine guy that can take care of me? Hmmm maybe we just want gay best friends?

  2. Well... I would love a gay best friend, and most likely I will end up with a strong masculine guy... I'm just waiting for them to grow up first :P A lot of the guys who are "strong and masculine" now KNOW it, and they're the "I'm-too-bad-ass-for-you/ I-like-slutty-girls" type. Fortunately most of these guys will become mature adults in time... until then we're just going to like the gay guys.

  3. Welll, the thing is, that it is HIGH SCHOOL! People in highschool don't really know who they are, it is like that is college too, or so I think. I think that many people who are gay, at our age in high school, are trying to find themselves, and dealing with being a teenager. Now I am not saying the gay guys at are school are like faking it or anything, it is just hard for them to understand. They boys will find out who they are when they mature. I feel likewe sterotype 'gay' with other attachments. Because there can be very manly men, who like other men :P
    Having said that, I have liked a lot of 'gay' boys. They are adorable.

  4. Yeah but I get what you mean about the cocky masculine guys but I'm not talking about the guys in our school. But like the ones who are actually genuine. The ones that don't know their so good looking, or the ones that do know it but don't care. OR! .... DO CARE but are secretly a passionate misunderstood boy underneath! So many options for guys to act and they chose to be a welluno. And about the gay guys. I know not all gay guys act like the 'typical gay', but since they have an extra girl hormone, which they do cause that's what makes guys gay, they act more female, that's why we like them more. Because they understand us more. They are more like girls, but in a beautiful boy body. That's what we want. A boy, but with the compassion of a girl, and the ability to protect. -Rose